What’s Cloud Cycle?

Our cloud-based platform provides real-time data management enabling concrete to be delivered within specification reliably.
Measure and manipulate slump and flow in real time.
Gain real operational insights.

With unprecedented control of your product, from order to delivery,
you can meet customer specifications more accurately.

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How it works


We install a CloudBox (IoT device) and sensor array on each truck.

Real-time data gathering

The sensors collect data and send it to our Cloud Cycle platform where the analytical magic takes place.

View in-depth Analytics

Our analytics predict concrete characteristics on arrival at site and suggest interventions.

Gain Insights

Cloud Cycle gives you a personalised dashboard.

Our platform provides you with deep insights into your concrete’s
rheology and your operations in real time.

Benefits for your business

Cloud Cycle gives you greater control of your ready mix
concrete’s quality, delivering:

Improved quality

Deliver concrete that more precisely matches your customers’ specifications

Customer success

Increase your customers' satisfaction

Reduced risk & liability

This could potentially lowering your insurance cost

Enhanced safety

By improving quality and reducing likelihood of incidents

Increased productivity

Fewer rejected loads means less downtime; operational insights drive efficiency

Reduced waste disposal

Fewer rejected loads means less waste and lower cost

Better Margins

Boost revenue and reduce cost

Reduced CO2 emissions and water use

Eliminate waste and associated embedded CO2 and water

Who uses Cloud Cycle?

We can't reveal any names quite yet, but two of the world’s biggest concrete providers are piloting our service.
An increasing number of London’s ready mix concrete trucks are now
connected to our platform.

Simple subscription model

There’s no charge for our equipment or installation.
You simply pay a subscription for each truck connected to our platform.
You receive valuable insights into your concrete and operations, plus suggested or automated interventions that help you optimise management of your product.

Our Team

We created Cloud Cycle to help concrete providers manage their product more effectively. Our platform
is born out of our experience in the construction industry and knowledge of new technology.

Phill White
CEO phill@cloudcycle.co
Russell Elfenbein
CTO russell@cloudcycle.co

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