Intelligent, In-transit, Real time Concrete Management

How is it possible?

Intelligent Concrete Management

We have developed an on-truck IoT device and sensor array that feeds real-time data to our cloud based machine learning solution. Our AI assitant offers automated and suggested interventions to ensure your concrete always arrives on site within specification.


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Concrete Facts

Concrete is the second most used material on the planet, behind water. We produce over 10 billion tonnes of concrete every year.


Tonnes wasted every year


Global CO2 Emission


Value lost


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Improve Quality

Deep insights into the rheology of your concrete quality on arrival

Improve Productivity

Fleet optimisation and improved customer service

Reduce Waste

Fewer rejected loads and associated lost time & resources

Improve Accountability

Know your concrete characteristics up to the point of handover

Lower Carbon Footprint

Reduce CO2 emissions associated with the waste, disposal, and recycling of concrete

Sustainable Development Goals

Impact driven in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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